Learning Pods

eLearning Management

Parents are suddenly being expected to take on a full-time teaching job that they may not have the time or experience for. 

We are here to help.

Crossroads Learning Pods are small groups of students who meet in-person to complete their eLearning classes and homework with the assistance of a professional Learning Pod Coach (LPC). We address parents' instructional concerns, support students with critical learning requirements, and help families thrive during the COVID crisis and beyond.

How it 



Learning Pod Creation

Learning Pods are made up of a small group of students from the same school. Crossroads can help you create a Pod, or place your student into a Pod that makes you comfortable.

Learning Pod Coach

Crossroads assigns a vetted professional, called a Learning Pod Coach (LPC), to each Pod. This LPC will keep students on task, help them understand concepts, assist with online applications, and facilitate peer collaboration.

Home Rotation

Learning pod families will work together to create a schedule of which homes the learning pod will meet at, and on which days. The LPC will go to the specified home each day and manage the learning pod in person.

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