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Trust us to manage your child(ren)'s eLearning experience. Crossroads Learning Pods are small groups of students who meet in-person to complete their eLearning classes and homework with the assistance of a professional Learning Pod Coach (LPC). We address parents' instructional concerns, support students with critical learning requirements, and help families thrive during this unprecedented time


Pods at Home

Crossroads Education deploys Learning Pod Coach to homes, relieves your remote learning responsibilities, and helps your children thrive.

Learning Pod Coaches are available from two to five days a week. Parents and caregivers can create a flexible schedule that is conducive to their needs.

$10/hour or less

Crossroads Learning Pods’ price scale is affordable and flexible to meet the needs of working families and caregivers. There are no long-term contracts and families can opt out of our contract at any time without penalty.

LPCs are available for $10/hour or less depending on the number of students in the Pod (minimum of 3, maximum of 8). Daily costs are between $23.75-$50/student.


# of Students Student Cost Per Day
3 $50.00
4 $39.00
5 $33.00
6 $29.00
7 $26.00
8 $23.75

Pods in the Community

Crossroads Education has deployed Learning Pod Coaches to community sites around Central Indiana to provide safe and effective remote learning environments for families and students. 

Scheduling is flexible. Your child can attend our program at a community site on a schedule that works for you, whether that's twice a week or five days. 


Community sites are a flat cost of $25/day per student, regardless of how many students are in a Pod. There are no long-term contracts, and no penalties for opting out of a community Learning Pod.

Fountain Square Community Pod

Our first community pod is located in Fountain Square. Trained and vetted instructional coaches will be on site to help your child thrive and relieve you of remote learning responsibilities. 

Opening Date:
Monday, October 26th
Southeast Community Services Center
901 Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203
8:00am - 3:30pm
(Hybrid availability)

Contact us to join a home or community Learning Pod.



Crossroads is committed to providing equitable access to education.

Our model operates by an underlying consumer value: buy one, give one. Your purchase will be matched to provide at-risk and homeless youth access to education.

All donations are tax-deductible